Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Game devs Vs Athletes

Why it's hard and why it'll get harder

The game industry is one of the most demanding industries to work in. There’s no education that truly prepares you for it. Production techniques are constantly updated, employments are bottlenecked as hell, working hours can be extreme, your efforts are constantly judged, you need to deliver all the time etc. and that's just to mention a few complications... 
(More on that: Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4) 

  Yet a lot of people target it as their career path. 

A couple of things annoy me regarding many game career pursuers, because they don’t realize what they are up against and more or less naively follow the path anyway. Thinking that if they just acquire a university degree, with some courses on game design and game prototyping, well then it's all gonna end happy. But it wont! It will end in frustration without a job. 
That's a waste in so many ways, so this is one of  my efforts to improve on that! I wan't people to realize what it is they are aiming for and what it takes, before they take that decision. I love being a game developer and it's been worth it so far for me. But not without consequences.

You better want it!

The future will only get harder, that’s what this one is about, later I’ll write some approaches I personally find relevant to increase your chances of getting a good career.